Who We Are

Salem United Methodist Church is a community of believers who lift up the name of Jesus Christ. Housed in the heart of Harlem, we are a multicultural, intergenerational and international church called to reach out locally and globally, making disciples of all nations. We do this by passionately loving God, earnestly loving others, and sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ in all that we do.

Join us on Sundays at 11:00 am for our weekly worship service! We gather to give God praise through time-honored hymns as well as contemporary gospel music; we listen as the Word of God is proclaimed by our dynamic and inspired pastors; we respond and are sent forth equipped to serve God, to connect with others and to reach out locally and globally.

We invite you to come and experience the Word of God taught and applied to daily living. All are welcome – from wherever you come, to wherever you are going, with all of your bags and all of your baggage, in your moments of celebration and in your moments of doubt, wherever you are on your journey – you are welcome! Come and experience the fullness of God’s love, grace and peace!